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Trading Central releases new updates to AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz

With the initial release taking place in November 2019, TC Market Buzz delivered the  long-awaited innovation to how investors harness topical research. Through a modern, user-friendly interface, our...
18 Feb 2020
1 min read
Market Insights

Eight travel and leisure stocks to warm up to

In the Globe And Mail, Gary Christie uses Strategy Builder to search for hospitality stocks with rising earnings and profitable operations during a price pullback.  WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ...
14 Feb 2020
2 min read

Four utilities back on the radar as markets get defensive

The utilities sector is the best performing U.S. sector year-to-date with the Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLU) up 6.2 per cent. The technology sector fund lags closely behind at 5.9 per cent....
03 Feb 2020
3 min read

Technical Insight 2019 trending stocks

What drove user interest and what can we expect moving forward? As we kick off 2020, we're taking a look at the past year's most popular stocks and the trends that fueled them. To do this, we took a...
23 Jan 2020
2 min read

General Electric Powering a Breakout

Using Trading Central’s technical event screener, our Head of North American Research, Gary Christie searched for U.S stocks with a large cap of at least 10 billion that had an interesting short term...
09 Jan 2020
1 min read

A look back at Trading Central's 2019 key milestones

This year marked a busy year for Trading Central. In the ever-evolving fintech industry, we continued to set an unprecedented standard for market research and analytics. We believe that the best way...
19 Dec 2019
2 min read

How are Online Brokerages evolving in a commission-free environment?

Hosted in New York City, the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards gathered leaders of the financial technology space for a full day of networking, exclusive panels, awards and demos of the latest...
16 Dec 2019
2 min read

Trading Central launches TC Economic Insight

With the release of TC Economic Insight, your traders will have the tools they need to monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving events. Empower investors with real-time data, powerful impact and...
12 Dec 2019
1 min read
Expert,  News

Six momentum stocks in the red-hot semi-conductor sector

The Globe and Mail, Number Cruncher By Gary Christie  December 9th, 2019 In The Globe And Mail, Gary Christie uses Strategy Builder to search for U.S. semi-conductor stocks showing strong price...
09 Dec 2019
2 min read