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Actionable news insights surfaced by Trading Central Artificial Intelligence

Discover TC Market Buzz, the future of news experience
14 Jul 2022
2 min read
Corporate,  PR,  Product

Trading Central introduces Technical Insight® “Active Trader Edition”

Intraday Events and Signals
07 Jun 2022
1 min read
Corporate,  PR,  Product

Trading Central wins in 3 categories at the 2022 Technical Analyst Awards

The Technical Analyst Awards recognize the very best in market research, data, software and artificial intelligence. This year, we’re excited to be recognized as a winner in three categories: Best AI...
26 Apr 2022
1 min read
Corporate,  News,  Product

Trading Central launches “TC Fundamental Insight” a new stock picking tool for active traders.

Trading Central once again tackles the modern day infobesity epidemic with powerful, snackable insights to help traders cut through the noise. TC Fundamental InsightTM makes it possible for traders...
02 Dec 2021
1 min read
Corporate,  Expert,  Product,  Investment Education

Rating the bulls and the bears

The TC Quantamental Rating, a new proprietary analytic offered by Trading Central analyses a company's financial attractiveness through a combination of quantitative and fundamental factors. The...
24 Nov 2021
2 min read
Corporate,  Product

New Features and Enhancements added to TC products

As we continue to see our industry evolve and grow, at Trading Central we’re always looking for new ways to support our online brokerage customers and their investors through innovative research...
22 Mar 2021
1 min read
Corporate,  Product

A look back at Trading Central's key milestones in 2020

This year marked a busy year for Trading Central. As the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the financial markets globally, we saw high volatility and an influx of new investors enter the market. In the...
24 Dec 2020
1 min read
Corporate,  News,  PR,  Product

Trading Central launches AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz in China region

In partnership with SmartFinData, Trading Central is making its award-winning news analytics tool, TC Market Buzz available for Chinese markets. TC Market Buzz solves today’s infobesity problem...
10 Jul 2020
2 min read
Corporate,  News,  PR,  Product

Trading Central launches new partnership with Informa Global Markets

BOSTON, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Informa Global Markets (IGM), a subsidiary of Informa plc (LSE: INF), a leading provider of solutions for financial services professionals, today announced its...
25 Jun 2020
2 min read