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PR,  Product

Trading Central launches new sentiment product Crowd Insight

The release of Trading Central’s NEW sentiment product Crowd Insight offers a refreshing, new perspective for investors to determine how the general public feels about a financial instrument. For...
28 Apr 2020
1 min read

Product enhancements for TC Technical Views and TC Market Buzz

Today’s financial landscape is constantly evolving and we’ve been working hard to expand our product offerings and integrations to better support our online brokerage customers and enable them to...
27 Apr 2020
1 min read
Corporate,  News,  PR,  Product

Moneta Markets launches Trading Central premium AI newsdesk across Australia.

Moneta Markets becomes the first online brokerage to launch Trading Central’s TC Market Buzz “Premium Edition”. The March 28th, 2020 launch brings curated, high-quality professional financial news...
02 Apr 2020
3 min read
Corporate,  Product

Trading Central adds new features to Strategy Builder & TC Economic Insight

Our recent product release offers exciting new changes to support both our customers’ mobile and digital marketing strategies.. With updates now released for Strategy Builder, TC Economic Calendar...
06 Mar 2020
1 min read

Trading Central releases new updates to AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz

With the initial release taking place in November 2019, TC Market Buzz delivered the  long-awaited innovation to how investors harness topical research. Through a modern, user-friendly interface, our...
18 Feb 2020
1 min read

Trading Central launches disruptive AI news desk TC Market Buzz.

The service solves the infobesity problem preventing confident investment decisions, by clearly conveying which instruments are generating the most “buzz”, aggregating news on them and providing...
12 Nov 2019
3 min read
Product,  Trading Basics,  Investment Education

Stop! Are you protecting your portfolio with trailing stop alerts?

Traders — serious ones — have a saying (and religious belief): "If you don't use stops in trading, you'll soon stop trading." First, let's do some fact-checking.  What percentage gain (rebound) would...
09 Oct 2019
2 min read
Corporate,  News,  PR,  Product

Trading Central launches new Economic Calendar

With real-time, actionable macro-economic data, Trading Central’s new Economic Calendar provides today’s online brokers a streamlined tool to enable their investors to easily monitor, anticipate and...
26 Jul 2019
2 min read
News,  Product

Technical Insight: Watchlists are BACK!

Meet the improved Technical Insight... Here at Trading Central, we believe in continuously bringing investors the absolute best in decision support. Our flagship product Technical Insight has been...
12 Apr 2019
1 min read