Using UX Design To Build Client Relationships

Panel: User Experience

A great user experience reduces attrition, while increasing client loyalty and share of wallet. Meaning it’s important to get it right. Moderated by Amelia Young, this expert panel features Adam Hulnick, Andrew Turnbull, Brett Calzada and Eric Lennert. The discussion looked beyond theory to provide practical takeaways you can implement in your business.

Your client's mental model

The problem many brokers face is today’s investor has a high expectations. They enter your platform with a “mental model” of how things should work and expect it to function flawlessly every time. To increase the difficulty, these expectations differs from user to user. Those trying to manage their management expense ration will have very different needs than active traders.

Cultivating trust

The financial services industry has no shortage of tools, but trust comes from giving people the right tool for the right job. For example, an investor who uses their broker’s site to re-balance their individual retirement account (IRA) every quarter doesn’t need a real-time stock screener.

Effective UX should be personalized. Rather than giving investors a junk drawer full of tools and letting them figure out what they need, show them...


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