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Trading Central launches Chinese natural language processing to power TC Market Buzz in China

Trading Central is proud to announce that it successfully launched a Chinese speaking artificial intelligence and natural language processor that can read and analyze thousands of articles published...
20 May 2022
2 min read
Corporate,  PR,  Product

Trading Central wins in 3 categories at the 2022 Technical Analyst Awards

The Technical Analyst Awards recognize the very best in market research, data, software and artificial intelligence. This year, we’re excited to be recognized as a winner in three categories: Best AI...
26 Apr 2022
1 min read
Education,  Expert,  Market Insights,  News

5 stocks to explore on Earth Day 2022

To celebrate Earth Day, our analysts took a look through Strategy Builder's ESG Theme for relevant stocks, then checked their Reuters Refinitiv Environmental Pillar Score and recent chart patterns in...
22 Apr 2022
2 min read
Expert,  Market Insights,  News

New additions to TC Fundamental Insight®

Explore the Target Price widget & more! 
22 Mar 2022
1 min read
Expert,  Market Insights,  News

Nine U.S.-listed stocks for an inflationary market

The Globe and Mail, Number Cruncher March 14, 2022 For The Globe And Mail, North American analyst Gary Christie uses Strategy Builder to find U.S.-listed companies indicating superior value and...
14 Mar 2022
3 min read
Education,  Expert,  Market Insights

The Digital Experience as a Competitive Advantage

Key Findings from the 2021 virtual Online Broker Summit
14 Jan 2022
1 min read
Education,  Expert,  Market Insights

Contextual Sentence Analysis for the Sentiment Prediction on Financial Data

Abstract — Newsletters and social networks can reflect the opinion about the market and specific stocks from the perspective of analysts and the general public on products and/or services provided by...
11 Jan 2022
1 min read

Trading Central’s Top 4 Milestones in 2021

This year, online brokers globally continued to respond to the surge of new investors and market volatility caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Combined with today’s low-commission environment,...
21 Dec 2021
2 min read
Corporate,  News,  Product

Trading Central launches “TC Fundamental Insight” a new stock picking tool for active traders.

Trading Central once again tackles the modern day infobesity epidemic with powerful, snackable insights to help traders cut through the noise. TC Fundamental InsightTM makes it possible for traders...
02 Dec 2021
1 min read